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Universal Precision Grippers
Universal Precision Grippers
1. Pneumatic and two/three-finger parallel gripper series
Pneumatic and two / three-finger parallel gripper series
  • Adopts the wedge-hook and the parallel plunger opening/closing pneumatic grippers have high power transmission and sync clamping performance.
  • Compact design to achieve small and light size.
  • Provides multiple installation heads.
  • Provides large gripping force and fit for heavy working-piece operation.
  • Opening/closing detection magnetic switches and proximity switches can be installed.
  • Compact dimensions and light in weight, for minimal interfering contours in handling.
  • High concentricity.
  • Durable T-slot guidance can grip a variety kind of work-pieces accurately.
  • Air supply via hose-free direct connection or screw connections, for the flexible supply of compressed air in all automation systems.
  • Connect the air supply inlet directly so that compressed air can be directly supplied to grippers for use without using the pipeline, it can feed pressure medium into the internal hole on the installation plate.
2. Pneumatic and three-finger parallel gripper series
Pneumatic and three-finger parallel gripper series
  • Ultrathin: The internal cylinder changes from original vertical design to the current horizontal design, which reduces the cylinder height to half of the current one.
  • Large in stroke: It does not adopt wedge structure design, now it is connected by the drive pin Piston and T-slot block: will not have limits from height.
  • Small holding force: The product is different from products of other companies, its driven unit consists of three 120° cylinders (all of them are interconnected).
    The gripping force resultant of three cylinders is far less than that of the wedge structure.
3. Pneumatic and three-finger parallel rotary gripper series
Pneumatic and three-finger parallel gripper series
  • Has small rotary radius and does not have interference within a small space, sleeve shaft design will make the line pipe and the gripper rotate together, without causing line winding.
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